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Kite Car Air Freshener

Everyone is looking for something to stand out from the crowd, to identify with something or just a gadget related to their passion.

Kite Air Fresheners Key Features:

High quality printing with lots of kite details.
No 3D models!
Long-lasting aroma - two different scents.
Many designs of the most popular kites in collection.
Made from renewable paper.
Perfect for small gifts.

Scented hangers are a gadget that gives your interior a pleasant scent. We know very well that the fragrance will evaporate after a while and you will wear our pendants on your mirror for many months. We have taken care of the pendant's aesthetic appearance and graphic details, ensuring that you are always satisfied with your purchase.

We have two fragrances to choose from:

Sunset Beach - it's a fragrance you would never really choose if you saw a dozen fragrances to choose from, but thanks to us you'll get to know something that we think deserves to be called one of the best fragrances of all time. We won't tell you what it is, figure it out and give yourself a chance to get to know something new. Our advice - don't be fooled by the first impression, give the fragrance a moment to evaporate after opening the foil, gently hang it on the mirror and enjoy.

Whitewater – it is a very pleasant scent, the easiest way to describe it as refreshing thanks to a delicate note of mint. The whole composition is interesting, something that is difficult to define, but you can definitely say that the fragrance is not tiring and should be appreciated by many people.

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